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Orthopedic plastic sheet heater ( LM - 1, LM - 2 )

The plastic sheet heater is an orthopedic heater to prepare the orthopedical prothesis and orthotics devices.
The thermoforming of the plastic sheets for different corsets (Chereau corset, Boston corset, Stagnara corset) can be effected by this heater. In this oven the flat plastic sheet warms up and becomes easy to shape.
The plastic sheet has 2 surfaces, where the lower surface is heated.
The temperature is controlled by a digital controller. The actual and the wanted temperatures are displayed.
The upper surface is thermical isolated and can bend down to the plastic sheet. All surfaces are covered by teflon coated glass fabrics.
The plastic sheet heater is an important device for the orthotic and prothetic technology.


Heated surface

Max. temperature

Heating power

LM - 1

90 X 110 cm

210 °C

7500 W

LM - 2

35 X 35 cm

300 °C

2000 W

Plastic sheet heater ( LM - 1 , LM - 2 )   Plastic sheet heater ( LM - 1 , LM - 2 )